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CraftMark™ Bakery is proud to call Indianapolis the home of its brand new 225,000 square foot commercial bakery.


CraftMark Bakery, LLC is a leading supplier of frozen bakery products to the food service and in-store bakery industries.

Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes advanced technology and has the ability to supply a wide array of frozen bakery products, including bread dough, cookie dough and baked, ready-to-eat flatbread.

Launched as a ground-up project in 2013 by innovators from the commercial baking industry, CraftMark Bakery’s strategy is to invest in top-quality baking equipment, personnel and IT infrastructure as it grows its business in the foodservice and retail in-store bakery industries.

Our customers include some of the largest restaurant chains in North America.

We are rapidly expanding and have room to grow right on our current campus that will allow us to respond to new opportunities.

Excellence from Start to Finish is not just our mission but is at the very core of what we do every single day.

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CraftMark™ Bakery

5202 Exploration Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241

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